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Community and School-Based Prevention

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Our community and school based prevention programs focus on education about drugs, alcohol and behavior.
Our evidence-based prevention programs offer a variety of free classes that cover prevention of drugs and alcohol use, social skills and relationships; goal setting; decision making; peer pressure; staying healthy; good communication; social relationships; bullying; media messages; and the influence that social media has on today’s young people.
We offer four curriculums: Too Good For Drugs (high school and middle school); Marijuana - Download the Facts; Say It Straight; and SPORT Wellness.
Coastal Behavioral Health therapists also provide on-site treatment to middle school-aged students. Students are referred by school counselors and administrators. The therapists provide individual and family counseling, crisis stabilization services, and ongoing treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD with the goal of supporting school performance.

Family Life Intervention (FLIP)

The Family Life Intervention Program (FLIP) reaches out to improve the lives of at-risk students ages 7 to 17 and their families. Students are referred by schools, community agencies, the court system, and their families.
A plan of action is developed that is appropriate for each individual and their family. The program combines therapy, tutoring, mentoring, and social activities. Students and their families also receive support to help them gain independence and self-sufficiency.
Finding help can be difficult…..we coordinate all the services for you!
The program provides stability, positive peer interaction and mentoring.

Student Assistance Program

Prevention and early intervention specialists in high schools and middle schools in Sarasota and DeSoto counties provide services to students who are either referred by the school counselors or school administrations. Students may also refer themselves. Staff members meet with students individually and in groups for check-ins, counseling and mentoring, drop-out or suspension prevention, substance-abuse counseling, mediation, social media bullying, grief counseling, help during a personal crisis, or to help find community resources

Drug-Free Workplace

This substance abuse prevention program for middle- and high-school students targets at-risk youth and youth who may have previously used drugs. Prevention education is offered in a classroom or small-group setting to educate students about how drugs affect minds and bodies and to provide alternative solutions for high-risk behaviors. Discussions are designed to improve life management skills and encourage treatment, if necessary.

For Adults:

Living Skills Prevention Program

941-953-0000 or 941-376-1680
This is a free adult prevention education program offered to groups in Sarasota County. 
Living Skills is divided into two unique components: Personal Growth and Practical Guidance. Personal growth covers the internal skills needed to be a positive member of a community while Practical Guidance provides information about the day-to-day external skills needed to live a healthy life.
Each topic includes four (30-45 minute) sessions. If you have a group of individuals who can benefit from any of these classes, pick one or more topic to be scheduled and presented at your location.

Clean Start

This program provides education about the harm that is possible because of using drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. Topics include pregnancy prevention, pre-pregnancy health, and the effects of substance abuse on a growing fetus. Local resources are provided to help women and men who have a history of addiction.

Strengthening Families

This program is offered to families that include children who are engaging in behaviors that might lead to substance abuse. Education is provided, to both parents and their children, that is designed to make them aware of the potential consequences of continued substance use/misuse. This program also enhances familial communication skills and provides alternative activities to substance abuse caregivers who have at-risk youth.

Drug Free Sarasota

This is a community-based substance abuse prevention coalition that engages with various stakeholders in Sarasota County, using local data to identify, strengthen and implement local strategies to address and promote substance abuse prevention.

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