Adult Services

Outpatient Services: Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Sarasota: 941-331-2530 
North Port: 941-492-4300

Women's Substance Use Treatment

Sarasota: 941-331-2530
North Port: 941-492-4300

This program offers outpatient treatment services specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women and women with dependent children who struggle with drug and/or alcohol addiction. It includes case management to ensure that the needs of the child and mother are met through linkage to and monitoring of additional social services to promote recovery, safety, and well-being of the family.

Maternal Outpatient Mental Wellness Program (MOM’S )

Sarasota: 941-331-2530 
North Port: 941 492-4300

The MOM’s Wellness Program addresses the psychological wellbeing of pregnant women, nursing mothers, and women with postpartum depression or anxiety symptoms safely and supportively.
An APRN specialized in psychiatric treatment for pregnant women and mothers will evaluate your needs and make recommendations that can include safely prescribing medications. Women can be referred by self-referral, medical providers, obstetricians and/or pediatrician, Healthy Start, Department of Health or any other community providers.

Forensic Services

Forensic Services provide advocacy, support and monitoring.
Forensic Services are provided to individuals with a mental illness pursuant to Chapter 916 of Florida Statutes. These are individuals who have been court ordered for an evaluation or who have been committed to the Department of Children and Families under the provisions of Chapter 916 F.S. These are individuals who have received an Order for Evaluation of Competency or Sanity or have been adjudicated as Incompetent to Proceed (ITP) or Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGI) due to mental illness.

Case Management and Targeted Case Management

941-552-1950 extension: 4404 
General and Targeted Case Management provides person– centered support
We at Coastal work on optimizing the functioning of individuals who have complex needs by coordinating and linking them to treatment and other resources to assist in the development of their own natural support system.

Inpatient Crisis Stabilization

Inpatient Crisis Stabilization: 941-364-9355
Crisis Stabilization Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services to individuals 18 and older who are experiencing a severe emotional or psychiatric crisis. Staff are healthcare professionals trained in risk assessment and crisis intervention evaluations.
Kreisman Crisis Stabilization Unit is comprised of a total of 37 beds in two units. Our clients come from all walks of life.
The Kreisman Center CSU is the designated Public Baker Act receiving facility for adults in Sarasota. Individuals are screened and evaluated and can be self-referred or by law enforcement officers, family members, local hospital emergency rooms, physicians mental health professionals and other social services agencies if they present an imminent risk of “serious bodily harm” to themselves and/or others as a result of a mental health disorder and/ or substance use.
On site and follow up services include helping clients gain access to post discharge services, these services include linkage to mental health and medical treatment, social, educational and housing.

Prevention Education

For Adults: 941-953-0000 or 941-376-1680
Living Skills Prevention Program
A free adult prevention education program offered to any group 18+ in Sarasota County
Living Skills is divided into two unique components: Personal Growth and Practical Guidance. Personal growth covers the internal skills needed to be a positive member of a community while Practical Guidance provides information on the day-to-day external skills needed to live a healthy life.
Each individual topic includes four (30-45 minute) sessions. If you have a group of individuals who can benefit from any of these classes, pick one or more topic to be scheduled and presented at your location.

Behavioral Health and Crisis Walk In Access Center

The Behavioral Health Access Center offers immediate counseling and referral services to individuals who are experiencing a mental health or substance abuse crisis.
We provide: crisis counseling, referral resource, family intervention, substance use and mental health screening. Walk-ins welcome

Compeer Program at Coastal

941 953-0000 extension 5232 or 5132
Mentoring program for adults for mental health disorder

Medication Assisted Medications:

Medication Assisted Treatment with Vivitrol is a treatment program for opioid and alcohol
addiction with proven results when used in combination with support and counseling.

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Sarasota: 941-331-2530 
North Port: 941-492-4300

Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, medication prescription and monitoring are
provided by Board Certified Psychiatrists or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) or Psychiatric Physician Assistants.
Individuals are encouraged to participate in adjunct outpatient individual and/or group therapies for optimal treatment outcomes and well-being.

Outpatient Therapy

These services include individual and family treatment for emotional, behavioral and/or substance abuse problems. Our professionals are trained in providing integrated treatment of co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders using best and promising practices that promote holistic health.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Sarasota (941) 331-2530 or North Port (941) 492-4300

Mental Health Court and Veterans Court

Lee County: Mental health and Veterans Court
Coastal Behavioral Healthcare 239-567-5528 extension: 6106
The Lee County Mental Health Court (MHC) and Veterans Court (VC) is a problem-solving court program providing appropriate treatment and rehabilitation options to adults with a history of a severe mental health disorder or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders who are involved in the criminal justice system.
MHC and VC is a voluntary alternative to the traditional court system and provides:
  • Referral and linkage
  • Case coordination between judicial and local mental health & social services.
  • Program is part of an integrated system of care in Lee County


Our web based TeleHealth platform allows clients to schedule a face to face video session with our professionals from the comfort of their home, office or location of their choosing. All they need is an internet connection, and a computer or smart phone with camera.
Speak with your provider to see if you are eligible.
Telehealth is available to non-insured and Florida Medicaid clients. Commercial plans may also cover this service. This service is also available to our uninsured. Ask us about Telehealth benefits under your plan.
Coastal is Now Providing Telehealth for Clients Ask Us About Telehealth Visits Today

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The Kreisman Campus is located behind Channel 7 studio’s on 10th Street. The driveway is immediately following the Channel 7 news station and is located on the north side of 10th street headed west.

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