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  • A Mother's Story

    A Mother's Story

    I was introduced to Coastal Behavioral Healthcare a few years ago when my kind, smart 24-year old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. His life up to that point seemed pretty normal. He attended a gifted school, played little league baseball, was an outstanding soccer player in high school on the elite travel team, was a debutante escort and was voted "most congenial" by his senior class. He also held a part-time job. During his college years, he worked several part-time jobs until he graduated with a degree in science. Then off to graduate school to pursue a master's degree.

  • My Life Has Light Again

    My Life Has Light Again

    When someone asks me to describe mental illness, I tell them that it's darkness, just darkness. I stopped going to work. I stopped combing my hair. I stopped bathing. I stopped being. I was homeless. I came to Coastal. They talked to me. Encouraged me but didn't push me, they let me go slow. I'm finding my way back.